It goes without saying that the Mediterranean is one of the most renowned summer destinations in Europe, offering a wealth of history, culture, charming towns and cities, and fabulous golden beaches.

Thanks to the compact size of the European continent, a cruise offers one of the easiest ways to experience the Mediterranean. You can either opt to see as much as possible, or choose an itinerary that focusses on a particular region.

The western Mediterranean offers the chance to see sun-kissed Spanish ports, the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar, glamorous French cities such as Cannes and Nice and the magnificent port city of Monte Carlo. The eastern Mediterranean can take you to awe-inspiring countries such as Italy and Croatia in the Adriatic, while – further east – the Aegean Sea provides unparalleled access to the charming islands of Greece.

Speaking of islands, you may instead choose to opt for a relaxing beach holiday in one of the more isolated located of the Mediterranean. Balearic Islands such as Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza all offer an ideal setting for families, with plenty of golden sands on which to relax and a warm, friendly atmosphere. Alternatively, you may enjoy the historical delights of Malta which includes beautiful Stone Age temples and the intriguing capital of Valletta – a UNESCO World Heritage site.

If you have your heart set on a specific region or destination, a land-based tour may be the perfect option for you. We are able to offer a range of land-based tours, or tailor-make your holiday based on your own individual desires. The flexibility we can offer gives us a unique advantage and our knowledgeable and friendly team are always at hand to make your dreams a reality.

We understand your holiday should be as individual as you are. Contact our TravelQuest team today either in your local store, over the phone or online to find out more.

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