Spain has always been a beloved holiday destination for us Brits, even as the trend slowly moves away from relaxing beach resorts and towards shorter city breaks. Stylish places like Barcelona, Seville and Granada are attracting the younger crowd, but resorts along the Costa Brava and Costa del Sol will always appeal to anyone who likes to truly relax whilst their away.

Much like Italy, it is history, culture and cuisine that are the big draws of a holiday in Spain. Popular sights such as La Sagrada Familia, the Alhambra and Seville’s Alcazar Palace are definite highlights, but there is always room for hidden gems like the ancient cobbled streets of Cáceres. Plus, there’s a new ‘Costa’ in town. The Costa de los Dinasaurios (Dinosaur Coast) has emerged as a popular destination for history and nature fanatics.

A Spanish holiday could also include a trip to one of the popular island chains. The Balearics offer a mixture of party paradises and relaxing hot spots, whilst the Canary Islands provide African influences and beautiful natural scenery.

Thanks to ports like Barcelona, Cadiz, Bilbao, La Coruna and Malaga, Spain can also be enjoyed as part of a cruise holiday. The country’s popularity means that there are many opportunities to visit on Mediterranean, Transatlantic and even African itineraries.

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