Central America

Although not defined as a continent in its own right, the region between Colombia and the USA is often referred to as Central America. This includes the countries that connect the two landmasses together, such as Mexico, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

This region is particularly known for its Maya landmarks, many of which have stood for thousands of years and can now be explored by the general public. Many of the most well-known Maya landmarks, such as Chichen Itza, are located in Mexico, but you may not have known that there are many more significant sites to be discovered in Belize, Honduras and Guatemala.

One thing that is common across mainland Central America is the abundance of fantastic beaches. With golden sands and palm trees that sway gently in the breeze, it’s easy to picture yourself here. But there’s no need to imagine; our authentic Central America cruises and tours will allow you to discover all corners of this beautiful region.

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6th December 2017

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29th March 2016

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15th April 2016

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26th February 2020

Finding The Right Royal Caribbean Ship For You

Royal Caribbean is known for having a large fleet with innovative technology, exciting entertainment and plenty of dining choices. Each ship has individual features, but cruise ship classes help to group similar vessels.
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