Paleoanthropology tells us that we can all trace our lineage back to Africa, and so a visit to this vast and vibrant continent will feel like returning to a home you never knew you had. Tantalise your senses in the spice-infused northern nations of Morocco and Algeria, admire fascinating wildlife in its natural habitat, and relax on the paradise islands of Madagascar and Mauritius – Africa is a beautiful continent that will charm you into wanting to return time after time.

One of the main reasons why people travel to Africa is to see some of the amazing wildlife that can be found here. Africa has some of the best national parks and game reserves in the world, so African safari holidays in countries like Tanzania, Botswana and South Africa are a real highlight and an absolute must for the bucket list.

A continent so diverse and rich in culture can provide many different ways to explore and learn about your surroundings. TravelQuest is able to offer a range of different ways in which to help you explore this vast and diverse continent.

You can choose a land-based tour, which will enable you to rub shoulders with locals, navigate bustling marketplaces and venture into exotic landscapes where few others will ever tread. Or, alternatively, you can embark on a relaxing cruise, which will enable you to wake up to a new and exciting destination every morning.

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30th May 2018

5 Reasons To Visit…South Africa

Having been introduced to the Rainbow Nation by World Cup 2010, many travellers subsequently booked a holiday in cities such as Cape Town and Johannesburg. So what are some of the main reasons you should visit?
23rd September 2016

Three African Mountain Ranges You Should Explore

Climbing a mountain is a great test of endurance and the chance to experience a giant sense of achievement, here are three African ranges to explore.
18th November 2015

A Real African Adventure

Everything was very reasonably priced, which I was surprised about. I went with the perception that dining and drinking on the waterfront especially would be very expensive, but we all found it to be incredible value.
2nd July 2019

Experiencing The Real South Africa

Jemma White, Travel Advisor at our Woodbridge travel agents, has just returned from a tour of South Africa. She tells us why the country is more than safaris and how tourists can help give back to the community.
4th March 2020

See These Destinations In Full Bloom This Spring

Spring. One of the most beautiful times of the year. Wherever you choose to visit this spring, be sure to keep an eye out of these annual occurrences that showcase the floral beauty of the season.
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