Jemma White

Travel Advisor


TravelQuest of Woodbridge

When did you start working in the travel industry? 

Beginning of 2018. I had recently graduated with a Graphic Design degree and found myself wanting to pursue a career in what I’ve always been truly passionate about: travel. Despite the doubt of such a change in my career path, my wealth of travel and desire to see the world encouraged me that I am a natural enthusiast of the industry and it was the right change for me. Most importantly I hope to inspire others to embark on their own travel adventures! There’s a lot of fulfilment in the role and I’m so excited about my future prospects with TravelQuest.

What is your favourite thing about your job?

I'm researching and learning every day about different destinations and personally, it shows me how great our world is; there's so many beautiful and contrasting places to see. To add to that we are able to share stories and hear the happiness travelling provides from our customers on a regular basis.

What is your favourite Holiday Destination?

East Coast, Australia. In 2014 some friends and I hired a campervan and travelled from Sydney to Brisbane stopping off at many different destinations and camp sites along the way. When I say camp sites many of you would be a bit apprehensive (I was at first having experienced rainy UK camping trips with my family) but travelling around in a campervan was a completely new experience for me and one I would recommend to anyone visiting Australia in the summer. The campervan becomes your 'home from home' and waking up most mornings to colourful parrots in the trees, singing kookaburras and in the evenings, having the cutest possums crossing your path is incredible. Australia is a place unlike any other and if you’re an animal fan like me, what better way to experience the country’s wealth of wildlife than living amongst them?! There's still so much of Australia I need to see. I'd especially like to explore more of Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef.

Where would you like to visit next? 

Costa Rica has been on my mind since starting at Travel Quest. There's so many opportunities for young people such as myself who wish to explore the world, even on their own! There's an organised trip with G Adventures for 18-30 year olds that allows you to explore the rainforest, camp under the stars and see the animals there in their natural habitat. I really fancy the idea of freeing my inner Jane and hanging out with the monkeys... You only live once, right?

What is your dream holiday destination? 

Gosh, how can I pick one?! Since working here my list of dream destinations has grown significantly! There’s too much to see. However, if I were to pick anywhere it would have to be Queenstown, New Zealand. Purely down to the beauty it possesses. I’m a massive fan of the Maori culture and the Kiwi way of living having visited Auckland in 2011 when part of my family lived there (they’re so chilled!). New Zealand is such a jaw-dropping, beautiful country and in particular, Queenstown balances the tranquillity of its mountains and lakes alongside the adventurous activities it offers. I’d love to experience both.

What has been your favourite holiday, which you have booked for a customer, that you would love to take yourself?

Due to only just starting I haven't booked any holidays as such myself yet... but if there was a holiday I'd like to take myself that I've overheard my colleagues booking, it would have to be Vancouver and The Rockies in Canada. I'd love to travel on the luxurious Rocky Mountaineer trains and witness British Columbia in all it's glory.

What were your favourite childhood holidays? 

I’ve been very fortunate to have visited many Greek islands with my family in the summer. My favourite memory being sitting in a beach-side tavern in Pefkos, Rhodes watching the sunset and very much trying to resist re-enacting a musical number from the film Mamma Mia. The setting was gorgeous! You really don’t need to travel half way across the world to find a spot paradise.

What are the first three things in your case?

1) Camera

2) Travel guide

3) An awesome hat (It's become a bit of a tradition now... I like hats!)

My favourite travel memory...

In 2014 some friends and I hired a campervan and travelled from Sydney to Brisbane stopping off at many different destinations and camp sites along the way.  There's still so much of Australia I need to see. I'd especially like to explore more of Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef.


's Top Travel Tips

1) Research the place before you go. Start your travels by travelling down to your local bookshop and purchasing a travel guide; very exciting! 

2) Embrace the culture! Speak to the locals, learn some of their language, eat their traditional food; sometimes the best thing about travelling is learning more about other people who are so similar and yet so different.

3) Savour the moment and document where you are. Write a diary, take photos, collect and treasure the little things. In that way, every time you pick them up and find them around the house you'll be able relive the place again! Travelling can be daunting, but from my experience, you're never lost. There's always someone who can help you and who wants to help you. And sometimes getting lost will lead you to hidden treasures and unforgettable memories.


's Travel Adventures

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