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Earth’s icy seventh continent is one of the most extreme and unexplored parts of the world. To this day, there still remains so much that we do not know about this frozen wilderness and very few people get the chance to discover it for themselves. Yet, with our expertly designed Antarctica tours, we can help you set foot on this glistening white continent.

One of the first things you will notice is that such a diverse range of wildlife has adapted to live here. No less than seven species of penguin make their home on Antarctica or the islands around it, whilst whales and seals fill the oceans and albatrosses, terns and petrels dominate the skies. TravelQuest’s Antarctica holidays offer a chance to get up close and personal with these creatures and catch a rare glimpse of them in their natural habitat.

Something else that you can’t fail to miss is the unique scenery that will act as a backdrop to your adventures. With icebergs gliding by and impending glaciers standing in your path, there will be something to take your breath away wherever you turn.

Whether you want to delve deep into the unknown with one of our many immersive tours or admire your surroundings at a more leisurely pace on board a 6* luxury cruise, TravelQuest offers tours to Antarctica to suit your abilities and desires.

Embark on a journey to the northern polar region and experience an environment that is unlike anything else on earth. The UK’s proximity to the Arctic Circle makes this region very accessible via a cruise or flight. TravelQuest can offer a range of immersive tours that will take you directly to the heart of this icy wonderland.

The northern polar region includes many different countries that are all unique in their own way. Whether it's the whales of Greenland's Disco Bay or the polar bears of Spitsbergen, the Arctic is the perfect place to see some of the world's rarest animals in their natural habitat. There's also some fantastic scenery, so cameras at the ready to capture calving icebergs, giant glaciers, thundering waterfalls and even active volcanoes. And, if you're lucky, the Northern Lights may even make an appearance.

Slightly further afield is the US state of Alaska, which covers a vast area of over one million square kilometres. Despite this, it is only home to a population of 500,000 permanent residents and there are many uninhabited plains, mountains, glaciers and forests – all of which will leave you in awe of this spectacular region.

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