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Middle East

The Middle East is a perennial holiday destination due to its consistently hot climate. Whilst the weather may be slightly stifling for some during the summer months, it is the perfect region to escape to during the times when we’re faced with incessant rain and freezing temperatures at home.

Largely thanks to oil wealth, the economies in this part of the world are booming and this is good news for adventurers. Cities like Dubai and Muscat have risen quickly out of the dessert and now provide luxurious metropolises where the rich and famous go to relax. Sky-high shopping malls, five-star hotels and picturesque beaches make this an opulent and beautiful region to visit. These are also becoming more and more popular with cruisers. Cities are expanding the capacity of their ports to welcome the biggest and best ships in the world.

Places like Egypt have been welcoming tourists for many years now, whilst countries such as Jordan and Oman are relatively unexplored by travellers. However, with more and more money being invested into this sector, the demand for travel to the Gulf states is only going to grow. Attracted by the chance to indulge themselves, whilst also taking part in some fantastic water sports and other extreme activities, the interest in getting a local’s perspective is starting to pique.

With the Middle East being the starting point for many different religions, it is also brimming with history and culture. From ancient wonders like the carved city of Petra to the hustle and bustle of the modern day souks, our Middle Eastern tours have been designed by experts and will help you get the most from your chosen destination.

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