Situated to the west of Sweden and north of Denmark, Norway offers an abundance of natural features and spectacular scenery. Towering mountains, impressive fjords and glistening glaciers combine to create an experience unlike anything else on earth. Even better is the fact that all of this is easily accessible via an ocean cruise, thanks to an extensive coastline which runs for more than 12,000 miles. Following a series of waterways, you can literally watch the natural beauty unfold before your very eyes.

Eidfjord is perhaps one of the most magnificent of all the destinations you can visit during a cruise of the Norwegian fjords. Deep valleys with blue-green fjords can be viewed from atop of one of the surrounding mountains, with many fantastic photo opportunities. An absolute must-do experience is the Flåmsbana railway, which offers a unique way to admire the surrounding scenery. Climbing a total of 866 metres over a distance of just 12 miles makes it the third steepest railway in the world and makes for a truly exhilarating experience.

Travel far enough north and you will reach the city of Alta – one of the northernmost cities in all of Europe. Its position within the Arctic Circle offers an enviable location within which to admire the spectacular natural phenomenon that is the Northern Lights, otherwise known as the Aurora Borealis. Alta is also home to an array of fascinating prehistoric rock carvings – which have been given UNESCO World Heritage status.

Some of the destinations you can visit during a cruise may include the capital city of Oslo and traditional cities such as Stavanger, Trondheim and Bergen. If you enjoy any one of these destinations in particular, you may be glad to know that you can spend more time in each of them by booking a short city break.

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