New Zealand

The landscapes of New Zealand have been made ever more famous by their appearance in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies, and now it’s your turn to visit this far-from-fictional Middle-Earth. We have expertly designed tours that focus on North or South Island, as well as those that allow you to see the country in its entirety.

From peaceful fjords and jagged peaks to lush rainforest and striking volcanoes, the scenery of New Zealand really is something to behold. There are chances to explore various national parks on foot, as part of a cruise and even from up high in a helicopter, as you bathe in serene lakes and summit vast glaciers along the way.

As well as its natural side, this country is also home to vibrant cities such as Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Our New Zealand tours will offer some free time in most of these destinations so that you can discover some of the best attractions and the undeniably friendly people that live there. Wellington, in particular, has a great coffee and art culture, allowing you to wander the galleries or simply grab a cup, sit down and watch the world go by.

The indigenous Maori people played an important part in the history here and continue to do so today. You will learn all about the significance of certain natural sites, like those within the Tongariro National Park, and also discover the culture of the people themselves in museums such as Te Papa in Wellington.

New Zealand's natural wonders are also one of the big reasons why people choose to visit as part of a cruise. The best way to see the fjords and marine national parks is from the sea and ships visit major cities such as Wellington, Dunedin and Auckland.

It’s safe to say that, whichever activities you take part in during your time in New Zealand, your immersive trip will include many authentic and unique experiences.

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