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El Hierro

Covering an area of just 268 square kilometres, El Hierro is known for being the smallest of the Canary Islands. As the westernmost island of Spain, it was long considered to be the end of the known world. Today, with views out to the endless Atlantic, you will be able to enjoy a unique feeling of peacefulness and isolation on the gorgeous island. As is the case with La Gomera, despite there being a very small airport, the best way to arrive is via a ferry from Tenerife.

The uninterrupted state of the island makes it an ideal place to relax, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This is also evident in the surrounding waters, which offer a home to an exotic range of marine life including colourful fish, whales, sharks, dolphins and even turtles. With a selection of 46 sites to choose from, experienced divers can enjoy unparalleled views of this vibrant marine ecosystem.

El Hierro was recognised more recently as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO and there are many natural sites worth visiting during your stay. These include the enchanted forest of Frontera Rural Park, the natural pool of Charco Azul and the sacred Garoe Tree, from which the locals harvested rainwater.

It is also worth noting that despite El Hierro’s isolated location and non-existent development, it is also one of the most modern islands in the world. It is entirely self-sufficient, with its only power stations relying entirely on renewable energy sources and there are charging ports for electric cars at several locations. Mobile phone signal may not be great, but this is rectified by the availability of free Wi-Fi across the whole island.

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