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4th September 2019

Take A Blissful Trip To Brussels

In the beautiful country of Belgium, you’ll find its capital city Brussels, booming with amazing monuments, fascinating museums and tranquil parks. Here we’ve listed some of the most popular tourist attractions you won’t want to miss.
28th August 2019

When Bridges Become Attractions

We all know the main function of a bridge. But sometimes a piece of architectural brilliance transforms an everyday sight into something that’s more than just practical.
21st August 2019

What Makes A Cruise Ship Luxurious?

Have you got a special birthday or big anniversary coming up and would love to celebrate it in style? Why not book a luxury cruise with your friends and family and have a one-of-a-kind experience?
14th August 2019

Delicious Dishes To Try In Malta

Situated in the south of Europe, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, is the breathtaking island of Malta. It’s best known for its rocky landscape and emerald sea rippling in the blue lagoon. Snorkel and learn about the island’s heritage.
7th August 2019

5 Reasons to Visit...Germany

Germany is a bustling epicentre of history, culture and art - from attempted Roman invasions to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Read on to learn why a trip to Germany will provide a feast for the senses (and the stomach).
31st July 2019

5 National Parks To Visit In Panama

When exploring Panama, you’ll immediately notice how the urban skyscrapers and subways are a stark contrast to the beaches and lush, green forests surrounding them. You get the best of both worlds here.
24th July 2019

Unmissable Sights When Visiting Japan

Japan is best known for having a wide range of sights and attractions. You can choose to explore Kyoto’s culture by wandering inside the many Buddhist temples or walk the streets of Tokyo to see the unique fashion and visit the many themed cafés.
17th July 2019

Lesser-Known Greek Islands To Visit

Fancy visiting somewhere new this year? Why not look into some of the lesser-known Greek islands, maybe even somewhere you haven’t heard of before, and visit it on a day trip from the more popular destinations Mykonos and Santorini.
9th July 2019

5 Weird Worldwide Museums

Have you visited some really dull museums in the past? Do you wish you discovered a more unique attraction? Well, we’ve found you five different museums that’ll keep you amused for hours.
2nd July 2019

Experiencing The Real South Africa

Jemma White, Travel Advisor at our Woodbridge travel agents, has just returned from a tour of South Africa. She tells us why the country is more than safaris and how tourists can help give back to the community.
25th June 2019

Discovering The Natural Beauty Of Barbados

Barbados is a beautiful island filled with amazing natural sights including brightly coloured gardens, underground caves and forests overflowing with wildlife and flora. Travel to Barbados and keep an eye out for these sights.
19th June 2019

The Best Destinations For Solo Travellers

Are you an avid traveller but not sure where’s best to visit alone? We’ve assembled a list of countries we recommend to solo travellers. You can choose to join our organised tours or arrange your own journey.
12th June 2019

Take A Tour Round Tuscany

In the heart of Italy lies the beautiful region of Tuscany, home to a handful of cities and towns, showcasing the world’s most recognisable Renaissance art, Romanesque and Gothic architecture, and historical buildings.
4th June 2019

Amazing Architecture To Seek Out In Rotterdam

Located in the Netherlands, the beautiful port city of Rotterdam is a fascinating metropolis that showcases unique skyscrapers, a very impressive port, and plenty of trendy marketplaces and restaurants.
29th May 2019

5 Must-See Markets From Around the World

Markets are very important to people living in certain parts of the world. They use them like we do supermarkets, they’ll purchase their favourite foods, spices and pieces of clothing.
15th May 2019

Seeking Tranquillity In Singapore

If you’re planning a hectic holiday around the stunning city of Singapore, make sure you take a break from all the hustle and bustle and visit the wide selection of gardens and public parks, giving you a tranquil space to wander and enjoy the peace and quiet.
8th May 2019

Giant Works Of Art From Around The World You Can’t Miss - Literally

Lovers of unique pieces of art or public artworks, listen up. We’ve gathered together some of the weirdest and wackiest, larger-than-life sculptures and statues from all around the world that we think you shouldn’t miss out.
2nd May 2019

5 Reasons to Visit… Prague

Prague is a beautiful city situated in the heart of the Czech Republic. It features many quirky museums, baroque buildings, stunning churches, cathedrals and castles. If you’re visiting this amazing metropolis read on to discover its highlights.
24th April 2019

The Best Cruise Lines For Your Family Cruise

Are you planning a family holiday but not sure where to go or what to do? Why not look at some of the most family orientated cruise lines that’ll take you to amazing destinations and provide you with plenty of activities to do on board.
17th April 2019

Must-See National Parks In The Canary Islands

Across all seven Canary Islands, there are four one-of-a-kind national parks that hold volcanic activity, archaeological sites and breathtaking waterfalls. You can jump on the cable car to El Teide or ride a camel in Lanzarote.
10th April 2019

Discovering Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a beautiful city in the south of Croatia, overlooking the Adriatic Sea. It's one of the most famous tourist destinations in the Mediterranean. Here are a few different places in Dubrovnik we recommend you see.
3rd April 2019

5 Of The World’s Weirdest Places To Sleep

What do you look for when you’re booking a hotel? Great location, onsite underwater world through your window? If you’re searching for something out of the ordinary, check out some of the weird and wonderful places you can sleep around the world.
27th March 2019

Family Holidays With A Difference

Whilst there is nothing wrong with a multi-generational beach break, sometimes families are looking for something different. These destinations are ideal for children of all ages.
20th March 2019

Chasing The Northern Lights In Northern Norway

A recent trip took us inside the Arctic Circle to Tromso where we hoped to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. Here is the story of an epic night.
13th March 2019

Match Your Holiday Needs To The Perfect Caribbean Island

With a whole host of requirements in mind, we’ve created a great way for you to choose which island will be the background to your holiday. These are the best Caribbean destinations for a range of different things.
6th March 2019

What To See On ‘The Rock’ In Monaco

Situated on the French Riviera, the Principality of Monaco has a small population and land area. One particular part, known as The Rock, is home to a range of things to see and do that you definitely shouldn’t miss.
27th February 2019

What You Can Achieve On A 5-Day Trip To Barcelona

The beautiful metropolis of Barcelona gives you the opportunity to explore the blend between Catalan traditions and the unique architecture designed by Antoni Gaudí.
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