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Touring Cuba by Bicycle

Cuba is the largest of the Caribbean islands, measuring a total of 40,852sq miles. It is a country of contrasts, with many cultural, historic and natural surprises to explore. From the bustling city streets filled with passionate salsa dancers to the picturesque and tranquil beaches – a journey to Cuba is one that you will never forget. One of the best ways to explore everything Cuba has to offer is by bike, and we can offer exciting trips that enable you to cycle from Havana to the eastern coast.

Over the course of 16 days, you will cover more than 390 miles across clearly marked roads - 90% of which is tarmacked, whilst the other 10% is unpaved. We take a look at some of the highlights you can expect to see and experience during your travels.


Fifty years of neglect has seen Cuba become a nation of contrasts, stuck in the past and offering visitors something truly unique. One aspect about Havana that becomes instantly recognisable is the energy and resourcefulness of the locals. Dazzling old American cars thread through the streets whilst almost every other turn offers a glimpse of the revolutionary, Che Guevara. The energy of Salsa is combined with rhythms of guitars, harmonious voices and drums to create and experience you will never forget. You will receive a full tour of the city, which will provide a full insight into everything Havana has to offer.


After a few days cycling and with the city spirit of Havana still a fond memory; you arrival into the colonial town of Trinidad will take you even further back in time. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is renowned for being the best-preserved example of Spanish colonialism on the island. Horse-drawn transportation will carry you along colourful cobbled streets filled with colonial buildings. There are also many museums which will provide a deeper insight into the history of Cuba.

Pico Bayamesa

By the time you reach the Sierra Maestra Mountain range, you will have been cycling across Cuba for just over a week. This will prove to be possibly the most challenging day of cycling, as you make an ascent to 1,730 metres above sea level to Pico Bayamesa, Cuba’s third tallest peak. However, upon reaching this point, you will be rewarded with some of the finest natural beauty the island has to offer. These mountains are very rarely visited by tourists, which will allow you to truly appreciate the peace and quiet this region has to offer.

Santiago de Cuba

Outside of Havana, Santiago de Cuba was the most influential city in the Cuban revolution. Everyone has either a favourable or unfavourable outlook on the events of the Cuban revolution, and it was from the balcony of the city hall that Fidel Castro proclaimed his victory. It is also thought that every style of Cuban dancing was born on the streets of Santiago de Cuba, and this becomes most apparent in the evenings. Legendary music and Cuban dancing fill the streets in a wonderful display of creativity and flamboyant spirit.

Experiencing Cuba by bicycle will allow you to explore everything this vibrant, contrasting and resourceful Caribbean nation has to offer. Over the course of 16 days, you will complete 10 days of cycling and cover a distance of over 350 miles. There will also be 100% vehicle support to ensure your luggage is carried from one hotel to the next. It will also provide a backup method of transport if the saddle becomes a struggle at any point.

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