Three Underwater Adventures in Western Australia

The Western Australian coastline is positively teaming with underwater life in the form of fish, mammals and spectacular coral reefs. The Ningaloo Coast is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and there are so many other attractions outside of this 1,742,130-acre area too. If you choose to explore this part of Australia, you should definitely experience at least one of these underwater adventures.

Snorkelling With Manta Rays

Ningaloo Reef offers some fantastic snorkelling opportunities, regardless of whether you are an experienced diver or wanting to do it for the first time. The shallow waters of Bundegi Bombies are perfect for beginners who want to see the vibrantly coloured wildlife that lives beneath the waves. There are more than 500 species of fish and 250 species of coral living in this marine park, giving you a great chance of some diverse sightings. Experienced snorkelers may wish to venture into the deeper waters of the Exmouth Gulf or Coral Bay to discover the peaceful sponge gardens or interact with graceful manta rays.

Feeding Dolphins

Down the coast in Monkey Mia, situated on the headland surrounding sharks bay, an intriguing ritual has been taking place for around 50 years. Every day, wild bottlenose dolphins enter the shallow waters to the delight of onlooking wildlife lovers who get the chance to feed them at three different times throughout the day. As it is important not to disturb these animals in their natural habitat too much, rangers from the Department of Parks and Wildlife carefully supervise the feeding, choosing visitors at random to enter the water and meet the dolphins. If you attend either the second or third feed of the day, there is usually more chance of being selected.

Diving With Whale Sharks

The largest creature to be found in these waters, and indeed the largest fish species known to man, is the majestic whale shark. These balletic beauties are an exciting sight to behold and, therefore, feature on the list of must-see marine animals for divers all over world. At Ningaloo Reef, swimming with whale sharks is offered between the months of March and July. With the aid of a spotter plane, you will head out in search of the sharks on a full day’s tour that includes lunch and refreshments. A percentage of the cost goes towards research and conservation for these animals and there’s even the offer of a repeat tour if you don’t experience a sighting.

Your Western Australia tour may well include some of the activities mentioned above or you may get the chance to do them in your free time. There are also plenty of other exciting activities available in this part of the country, so give us a call on 0800 021 3237 for more information.

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