Three African Mountain Ranges You Should Explore

If you are looking for the ultimate adventure then climbing a mountain has to be pretty high up the list. A great test of endurance and the chance to experience a giant sense of achievement are just a couple of the reasons why people choose to conquer some of the highest peaks on earth. Amongst our tours, we have some great opportunities to reach the summits of Mount Blanc, Mount Fuji and Everest but here are three African mountain ranges you can also explore.

Simien Mountains

Ras Dashen Simien Mountains

Found within Ethiopia, the Simien Mountains offer some of the most dramatic scenery on the continent. Jagged volcanic peaks contrast with the deep valleys to create awe-inspiring surroundings and an escarpment that provides fantastic views all around. During your Ethiopia tour, you will meet some of the villagers who manage to survive in these remote locations and look out for wildlife such as wolves and baboons. Specific peaks include Mount Bwuhit and Ras Dashen, the highest mountain in the country, and you’ll also get a chance to see the impressive Jinbar Falls.

Eastern Rift Mountains

Mount Kenya

This large mountain range stretches right across much of Central Africa, through countries such as Rwanda, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Whilst it includes smaller summits on the western side, the eastern section includes Mount Kenya and the largest peak in Africa, Kilimanjaro. Our Kenya and Tanzania tours will allow you to conquer both of these giants, stopping at various camps along the way and testing yourself against the tough conditions.

Kilimanjaro offers a range of different routes to the top, but we choose some of the quieter, more scenic paths to help you make the most of the experience. On ascents up both of the mountains, you will travel through different types of terrain and hopefully spot some fascinating wildlife.   

Atlas Mountains

Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains stretch right across the northern tip of Africa, crossing Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. The range marks the start of the Sahara Desert and was once home to the only species of bear native to Africa. As well as treks along sections of the Atlas Mountains, which include visits to Berber villages where they still make olive oil in the traditional way, we have the opportunity to climb the highest summit in this range, Mount Toubkal.

This Morocco tour starts in Marrakesh, often mistaken as the capital, and includes stunning views of the surrounding area on your way to the top. Along the way, you will camp in local villages and visit some of the open-air markets to look for unique souvenirs.

If you would like to overcome any of the African peaks mentioned, as part of the ultimate walking and trekking holiday, contact us today and we’ll bring your adventure to life.

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