The Best Beaches On Australia’s East Coast

If there’s one thing that Australia does better than anywhere else on the planet, it has to be beaches. Whilst there are beautiful stretches of sand all around the coastline, it’s in the east where you will find the best spots to surf, soak up the sun or just enjoy nature.

On most of our Australia tours there will be a chance to relax by the sea, so here are some of the best beaches on Australia’s east coast.

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

If Australia’s beaches formed a rock band, Bondi would definitely be the lead singer. The slightly dishevelled, popular and most recognisable member of the band, this is a beach that everybody looks to visit whilst they are in the country, especially when in the Sydney area. With the iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge just twenty minutes inland, Bondi Beach is teeming with surfers and hosts a number of interesting events throughout the year. First-timers should be wary of the rip current at the south end of the beach, though, known as Backpackers’ Rip due to the fact many tourists are caught out by it.

Seventy Five Mile Beach

75 Mile Beach

From the postcard sands of Bondi to one of Australia’s best wild coastal areas, Seventy-Five Mile Beach is located on Fraser Island, just off the coast of Maryborough. Here, you won’t find any sunbathers but plenty of 4x4 jeeps plying this long, narrow stretch, allowing people to enjoy the beautiful wilderness. You’ll be able to spot shipwrecks, rugged dunes and volcanic rock formations, as well as wild dingoes patrolling the area. Whilst you can’t swim in the sea here, due to sharks and dangerous tides, the naturally formed Champagne Pools are a great place to take a dip.

Byron Bay

Byron Bay

Another big tourist hangout, the collection of beaches at Byron Bay offers something for everyone. Those who want to relax and go for a quiet swim can find one of the calmer options and anyone wanting to hit the waves with a surfboard in hand will be able to locate a good swell. As well as the beaches themselves, there are some great walking trails up to the famous lighthouse and sporting activities like rafting and mountain biking are available. Main Beach is the most popular, but Belongil Beach could be the best of the bunch.

Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach

Situated on Whitsunday Island, the largest of the Whitsundays, Whitehaven Beach has more than earned its status as the most beautiful beach in Australia. The sand is almost impossibly white and feels like tissue paper beneath your feet, whilst the azure ocean compliments it perfectly. The blissful surroundings and abundance of sun mean all you need to do here is relax. However, if you feel like being more active, there are some great snorkelling opportunities at the north end of the beach.

Noosa Main Beach

Noosa Main Beach

This sandy spot is perfect for nature lovers. A place where all the family can enjoy the sun and swim in safe waters, it is often visited by dolphins and whales on their annual migration. It’s situated along the famous Sunshine Coast, in southern Queensland, and showcases everything that an Australian beach is all about. The sheltered position of Noosa Main Beach also means it can be enjoyed all year round without being too cold.

If you would like to enjoy the beaches of Australia, and everything else this great country can offer, we have many different tours available. Contact us today to start your adventure Down Under.

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