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See These Destinations In Full Bloom This Spring

Spring. One of the most beautiful times of year, when flowers start to bloom, the temperature gradually rises and baby animals come into the world. Wherever you choose to visit this spring, be sure to keep an eye out of these annual occurrences that showcase the floral beauty of the season.

Christchurch Botanical Gardens, New Zealand

Christchurch Botanical Gardens

Although the Christchurch Botanical Gardens are open all year round, they’re most spectacular in spring, which, for New Zealand, is September, October and November. From what were humble beginnings and a single oak tree, so much more has now fully flourished.

There are a total of 10 gardens in the 21-hectare-wide park, with ancient trees in between. Paths wind through each flower bed, allowing tourists to get a closer view of the colourful blooms. Conservatories showcase greenhouse plants like cacti, succulents and other tropical species.

A popular section is the Central Rose Garden, which is formal in design with a conservatory in the back and no shady trees in sight. Discover over 250 different types of rose, some embedded into the picturesque archway above the trail.

Jerte Valley, Spain

Jerte Valley

Every year during spring, the Jerte Valley pops up two million blossoming cherry trees, creating a snow-like blanket across the fields. This short phenomenon can occur at any time between mid-March and the start of April.

Jerte Valley is situated in the lesser-known Spanish region of Extremadura, making it the ideal off-the-beaten-track location for visitors wanting a peaceful holiday. Many come for a weekend getaway and see similarities with the cherry blossom in Japan, without the travel time.

To watch the whole process of growth, bursting into full bloom and then falling to the ground in a short period, is fascinating for both plant lovers and novices. If you’re looking to go cherry-picking, travel in May and June when they’re ripe and ready to eat.

Keukenhof Gardens, Amsterdam

Keukenhof Gardens

The Keukenhof Gardens, also known as the Garden of Europe, is the largest flower display in the world, let alone the Netherlands. 7 million brightly-coloured plants cover 80 acres of land, creating an astounding spectacle, especially in spring. Between mid-March and the start of May, you can visit and see 800 different types of tulips in full bloom.

The theme for 2020 is World of Colours, meaning you’ll notice plenty of colour this year. Aside from flowers, there are shows, artworks and exhibitions that celebrate the time of year. Follow the designated trails, whether they’re through the centre of a display or in the form of stepping stones over water, they’ll take you past each breathtaking arrangement including the sculpture park.

Namaqualand, South Africa


From a distance, the plains of Namaqualand in South Africa can appear similar to a barren desert but, when up close, you’ll realise it’s a different picture. The wildflowers that grow during spring never cease to amaze tourists hiking past and even the locals who’ve lived nearby for years. Regardless, if you’ve visited before, you’ll never see the same display twice because the star of the show is the ever-changing wildflower.

The 4,000 different species seen across the landscape create a vibrant carpet with pinks, purples and oranges standing out. There are several different paths nearby, along which you can cycle, hike or drive and take in the floral scents and multicoloured views.  

Skagit Valley, Washington D.C.

Skagit Valley

Skagit Valley has the ideal climate to grow Dutch tulips and daffodils, and took inspiration from the Netherlands for its flower-covered landscapes that brighten up the land after long, cold winters. Yellow daffodils bloom in late March, a rainbow of tulips takes centre stage in April, and lilies and irises follow suit in May.

The Tulip Festival runs annually throughout April, allowing visitors to view a rainbow of flowers that create a blanket over the ground. On top of the beautiful displays that are favoured by budding photographers, there’s also pop-up art exhibitions and food and wine pairing opportunities during the festival. There are plenty of ways of getting around this event including cycling, driving, walking and tour buses.

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