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Four Things You’ll Discover In India

India has the power to leave its mark on travellers more than any other country. People often go there to find themselves whilst others come back changed without even looking for a spiritual awakening and or expecting it. There are many highlights of this beautiful place, which is often misconceived, and a wealth of exciting experiences await when you travel to this part of Asia.

Here are four things you can expect to find.

Religious Culture

Man Rowing On Ganges

Wherever you look in India there is religion. It is so ingrained into the lives of the people here that it is interwoven seamlessly into their daily routines. Whilst Hinduism is the most practised faith, the fact that the law dictates a fundamental right to freedom of religion means that Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism and others are evident across the four corners of the land.

From the Holy Ganges, the most sacred river in the world, to important rituals and iconic monuments, you will see how religion is such a key part of what it means to be Indian.

True Indian Cuisine

Indian Street Food

You might think that you know Indian cuisine but you may be surprised by the food on offer during your tour of India. Many ‘Indian’ dishes that we know well in the UK have been altered to appeal to our tastes and so you will be able to get an authentic taste of these vibrant culinary options. If you like your food packed with flavour, spices (both subtle and punchy) and health benefits, you will fall more and more in love with every meal.

Much of the food on offer is served by street vendors, something which some people can be apprehensive about. However, there’s no need to fear street food as, despite the stories, it’s uncommon for travellers to get ill. Just be vigilant in choosing the stalls you eat from and follow the locals’ lead.

Diverse Destinations

Kerala Backwaters

When asked to picture India, the chances are you will imagine a bustling city market with barely enough room to breathe let alone make your way from one place to the next. This is not the case everywhere you go though. Sure, there are areas like that in the major cities, but there are also much quieter, calmer parts in this diverse country.

As well as lively cities such as Delhi and Mumbai, you will get to explore remote villages and backwaters where the locals rely on rice farming and life is lived at a much slower pace. You will also have the chance to visit unique wildlife areas such as the Ranthambore National Park, home to the majestic Bengal tiger.

Friendly Locals

Indian Girls

Our Indian tours present plenty of opportunities to meet the locals and experience authentic India. You will see how they make a living, how important family and friends are to their lives and even interact with some colourful tribes in the northern, rural parts of the country. Villagers will invite you into their community and will be curious about meeting tourists, helping to create a trip that you never forget.

So, as you can see, India has so much to offer across its diverse regions and cannot be fully described until you have seen it for yourself. Contact us today and start planning your tour of India, wherever it may take you.

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