Discovering The Natural Beauty Of Barbuda

You may have heard of Barbuda when discussing her big sister, Antigua. Although the two islands make up the nation, Antigua and Barbuda, the smaller island of the two has plenty of exciting attractions.

Whether you choose to visit on a day trip or for a week-long holiday to celebrate a special occasion, here are a few natural wonders we think you should see.

Frigate Bird Sanctuary

A Frigate Bird

Something Barbuda is pleased to declare is that they’re home to the largest Frigate Bird Colony in the western hemisphere. You’ll find these beautiful birds gather around the Codrington Lagoon, in the island’s capital city.

To get to this remote location, you’ll have to jump on a boat and take a short ride over with a knowledgeable guide. During the hot season, between December and May, the Frigate Birds will migrate to the Galapagos to mate and then return home to the Caribbean for the rest of the year.

The sanctuary contains over 170 different species including more than 5,000 Frigates, out of a total 100,000 birds. Their black feathers contrast with the red throat pouch that inflates when they wish to mate.

Indian Cave


Hidden along Barbuda’s sea cliffs are serval historical caves home to many stunning animals and full of ancient secrets. The tourist favourite, the Indian Cave has many breathtaking drawings carved into its inside walls by the Arawak and Siboney people.

To navigate this cave on the northeastern coast of the Two Foot Bay National Park, you will require an expert guide. They’ll explain the Petroglyphs and the stories they’re trying to tell while directing you through this three-chambered hole.

Keep an eye out for the stalagmites and stalactites pointing in all different directions and the bat chamber further into the cave, although you may hear these creatures before you see them.

Pink Sand Beach

Pink Sand Beach

Situated on the southwest coast of the island is a pink sand beach. This eight-mile-long strip of silky sand glows a pink hue when in the sun, thanks to the crushed pink coral and shells that live in the nearby reefs and get swept up with the tides.

The turquoise waters that lap up on the shore complement the warm-toned sand, creating an idyllic scene you’ll never want to leave. Whatever you choose to visit for, ensure you take in the views, sunbathe for a while and get in the water to snorkel.

What makes this the perfect place for snorkelling is the clear sea and the many reefs situated around the beaches edge. Small, colourful fish swim in and around the unique coral.

Two Foot Bay National Park

Two Foot Bay

Two Foot Bay is a shrub forest on top of a cliff-lined waterfront, located on the northeastern coastline. It showcases the previously mentioned Indian Cave and a camping site that’s popular with locals during the weekends.

This National Park is only a short drive from Codrington Lagoon that’s home to the Frigate Bird Sanctuary. Its forest is home to a wide array of bird species, from the Caribbean Elaenia and Antillean Crested Hummingbird to the Pearly-eyed Thrasher.

Wander along the beach to see red crabs and ground lizards scurrying across the sand, while white Frangipani blossom in the narrow fringe of vegetation. Other stunning plants to look out for include, the barrel cactus with a red cephalium popping out of its crown.

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