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5 Weird Worldwide Museums

Have you visited some really dull museums in the past? Do you wish you discovered a more unique attraction? Well, we’ve found you five different museums that’ll keep you amused for hours.

Have you visited some really dull museums in the past, when wandering around a city? Do you wish you discovered a more unique attraction, with interesting artefacts and interactive stations? Well, we’ve found you five different museums, all filled with unique artefacts and activities that’ll keep you amused for hours and give you some good stories to tell when you get back home.

Plastinarium, Guben, Germany


The Plastinarium was opened in 2006 by the physician Gunther von Hagens, who wanted people to experience the process of Plastination. This involves the preservation of anatomies through fixation, dehydration, forced impregnation and hardening. It includes the dissection of the body, replacing the tissue with plastics and freezing it till hard. This exhibition is spread out over 3,000 square metres and is split up into four different sections.

The first section, the history of the anatomy, allows guests to learn about the anatomy and the many different preservation methods. Visitors interested in becoming physicians will be eager to play around with the various plastinates during workshops. The final section will be the highlight of your trip as it’s the gallery and showroom, a showcase of plastinated humans and animals that includes everything from giraffes and elephants to pigeons and frogs.

Underwater Museum, Cancún, Mexico

Underwater Museum

This underwater museum is 420 square metres wide and consists of 500 life-sized sculptures that can only be seen through scuba diving, snorkelling and glass-bottom boats. The Manchones Reef holds 477 sculptures and Punta Nizuc has 23.

The Monumental Underwater Contemporary Museum, also known as MUSA, formed the project in 2009. They hired Jason deCaires Taylor (a British sculptor) to design and create the many artworks situated at the bottom of the sea, a collection of replicas of people, who appear to be engaging with one another.

The project was created to portray the similarities and differences between environmental science and art. The sculptures were produced using marine clay, which encourages algae and coral to grow, creating a reef structure that helps underwater life to inhabit, colonise and breed.

Cup Noodle Museum, Osaka, Japan

Ramen Museum

The Cup Noodle Museum is exactly what you think it is. It explains how chicken ramen and cup noodles were invented and even lets guests create their own cup of noodles in the factory, including the packaging. So why not go and create your perfect bowl?

The complex is made up of 11 different elements, from the factories to the theatre to the tunnel, there’s so much to see and do, you won’t know where to start. We recommend you walk through the instant noodles tunnel, as it’s a one-of-a-kind experience. Not many people can say they’ve seen 800 different noodle packages in one place.

If you’re a noodle expert, test your knowledge at the magical table. Here you can see if you really do know everything about cup noodles.

Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb, Croatia

Broken Relationships Museum

Situated in the Upper Town of Zagreb, in the Baroque Kulmer Palace, is the Museum of Broken Relationships. The purpose of this museum is to express both love and loss from a large collection of couples. If you stumble upon this exhibition when wandering through the beautiful city, why not stop by and go on an emotional journey, through hundreds of break-ups from all over the world?

When walking around, you’ll notice a large number of artefacts are being used to represent either the relationship or break-up. One famous display is the axe which was used to destroy the other half’s belongings after the relationship ended. Other items that can be seen include gifts such as rings, keyrings and drawings, all of which have plaques describing their purpose and significance to the break-up.

International Spy Museum, Washington D.C

Spy Museum

In L'Enfant Plaza is the new International Spy Museum, which features interactive stations, a large collection of spy memorabilia and first-person accounts from spies themselves. You’ll be getting a behind the scenes pass into the world of spying.

This 32,000-square-foot exhibition is perfect for both adults and children as it provides so much to do. As well as reading informative plaques for each artefact, you’ll tackle assigned missions and watch spectacular shows detailing the history of espionage.

Some of the artefacts found in this exhibition include a lipstick pistol, an Aston Martin DB5 and a microdot camera. Some have never been seen by the public, so make sure you get a good look.

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