5 Reasons Why Cruising Isn't Boring

There are many pre-conceptions about cruising that often put people off from trying it for the first time. Whilst the number of British cruisers is definitely growing, there are still many that are reluctant to step on board because somebody once told them it was boring or they believe this type of holiday is for people of a certain age and not them.

The idea that cruising is boring is a myth. There may be long periods when you are confined to the ship but, rather than being dull, these can often be the most fun times of your cruise. Here are just a few reasons why you’ll never be bored on a cruise ship.

You Can Pick The Right Ship For You

Royal Caribbean Spa

Everybody has their own idea of what boring means. Some people may love getting lost in a book, while others don’t have the patience to even sit still for long enough to read one page. With so many different ships and cruise lines to choose from, there is something out there for everyone and so it’s important to choose the right option for you.

If you like the quiet life and can easily pass a few hours in your own company, a small and intimate ship with plenty of relaxing lounges, great observation points and a large spa will be perfect. If, however, you prefer to stay active, need something to keep the kids occupied or like the buzz of being surrounded by lots of people, you’d be better off choosing a large ship where there’s always something different to do.

You Can Dine In A Different Restaurant Every Night

Disney Cruise Line Remy

If you’re anything like us then food will play a big part in your daily routine, especially when you go on holiday. One thing that will definitely make a trip tedious, though, is having to eat in the same place day after day. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that on board modern cruise ships as there are so many different dining areas to try.

From main restaurants serving classic international dishes to speciality restaurants focussing on the cuisine of a particular country and themed venues that make the restaurant itself part of the experience, choice is definitely on the menu. Add to this fast food spots for when you’re in a rush, quiet cafés for starting your day off right, intimate and exclusive venues for special occasions, multi-station buffets to please everyone at once and self-service ice cream parlours for when your sweet tooth is in control and it’s easy to find somewhere different to eat every day. In fact, on some ships, you can eat every meal in a different dining spot and still not experience them all.

Visit Multiple Destinations In One Trip

Amalfi Harbour

Most holidays involve visiting one destination. Some can take you to two and you might even visit three different places during the odd adventure. However, it’s rare that you enjoy a holiday that can take you to a different destination (and often country) almost every day. How can you be bored when you wake up every morning to a fabulous new landscape that’s just waiting to be explored?

A range of different shore excursions will also help to keep your interest up, meaning you can take things at your chosen pace and do as much or as little as you like. Want to see the major sights? Try a guided walking tour. Want to try something new? How about swimming with turtles or dog sledding? Been here before and want to travel further afield? Hop on a coach and head out of town.

Plus, there’s always the option to explore on your own or stay on the ship and enjoy some of the activities without having to queue.

Meet Likeminded People

Catching up over a drink

Different ships and destinations attract certain types of people. For example, if you’re heading to Alaska or South Africa, you probably have an interest in wildlife or photography. Likewise, if you’re joining a Mediterranean cruise, you might have a passion for history. Either way, you won’t be the only person on board with these affections.

Sea days, pre-dinner drinks, post-dinner drinks and late-night partying all present the perfect opportunity to get to know some of your fellow passengers. Not only does this make for great conversation during downtime, you can also share your experiences of the wonderful places you’re getting the chance to see.

Try New Experiences


It seems that every year a new cruise ship is launched that offers bigger and better activities to try at sea. Things that you never thought would be possible on the open oceans are now not just possible but actively encouraged and this is your chance to give them a go.

If you’ve never been sky-diving, sign up for Royal Caribbean’s Ripcord by iFly experience. If you’ve always wanted to see what it would be like to walk the plank, get in line for Norwegian Cruise Line’s ropes course that extends off the side of the ship. And if you’ve never been on a trap-door waterslide, why not give Disney Cruise Line’s Aquadunk a go? Boredom will never creep into your mind with so many new things to try.

Still think you’ll be bored on a cruise? Speak to the TravelQuest team who can share some of their personal experiences and then decide if cruising is for you. Call us on 0800 021 3237 or visit our travel agents in Ipswich or Woodbridge.

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