5 Extreme Activities In New Zealand

New Zealand is famous for being the home of picture-perfect landscapes and relaxing scenery that stretches as far as the eye can see. However, the Land of the Long White Cloud also has a few ways of getting the pulse racing that may appeal to those looking for an active holiday. Here are just a few examples of what you can do during our New Zealand tours; some may be included in your itineraries whilst others are available at your own cost.

Shotover Jet Boat

Shotover Jet

Being the supposed ‘adventure capital of the world’, it is no surprise that Queenstown features on our list a few times. The first activity available here gives you the chance to get out on the water, but this is no leisurely cruise. The Shotover Canyons are a narrow stretch of the Shotover River which has been carved out from the mountains by the rushing water below. Thrill-seekers climb aboard a jet boat before being propelled along the water at high speed and experiencing sharp turns and spins. Hold on tight.

Climb Auckland Harbour Bridge

Auckland Harbour Bridge

Although not as famous or high as its cousin in Sydney, the Auckland Harbour Bridge is still an impressive landmark on New Zealand’s North Island. As the only bridge walk in the country, brave visitors can strap themselves to the structure and make their way across whilst following a guide that will share tales about the building of the bridge and point out things to look at along the way. Then, at the end, there is the option to throw yourself off the bridge on an exhilarating bungee jump.

Zip Line Over The Kawarau Gorge

Zip Line

The second Queenstown activity on our list gives you the chance to zip line across the Kawarau Gorge and is perfect for people that want a slice of the action but don’t quite feel brave enough to jump off a bridge. With three different lines that travel 130m alongside the Kawarau River, you will reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour and can even choose to do it with a friend attached for the ride. Plus, once you’ve zip lined across in one direction, you’ll turn around and fly straight back to where you started from, making it two pulse-raising experiences in one.

Whale Watching Flights

Whale From Above

Many people will have been on a whale watching cruise before, but few will have ever had the chance to see these magnificent creatures in all their glory, from above. Taking off from Kaikoura, a small peninsula on South Island, you will go in search of sperm whales, bottlenose dolphins and other marine animals. You will fly just 150 metres above the water and, due to the plane’s high wings, everyone will get their own window seat, allowing for excellent views and photo opportunities.

Canyon Swinging

Bungee Jump

To complete our list, we’ve gone full circle and find ourselves back on the Shotover River in Queenstown. This time, though, we are 109 metres above the water and ready to launch ourselves on a 60-metre free fall experience that will have us trying to scream only to realise nothing is coming out. A canyon swing is similar to a bungee jump except you have the added bonus of swinging 200 metres across a ravine when you finally reach the end of the rope. There is even a choice in regards to how you would like to take the plunge including forwards, backwards, on a tricycle, down a slide or tipping backwards on a chair like your teacher at school warned you to never do.

If you are looking for an adventurous trip that combines heart-stopping thrills with some of the best natural scenery in the world, New Zealand is the ultimate destination. We have a wide range of tours available so contact us today to plan the holiday-of-a-lifetime.

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