4 Natural Environments To Experience With TravelQuest

Our wide range of adventure tours will give you the chance to explore all four corners of the globe. In doing that, you will encounter a variety of different climates, ecosystems and habitats, each of which provides its own fascinating experience. From hot to cold and wet to dry, here are four different environments we can take you to.



It’s a little-known fact that deserts cover approximately a third of the world’s surface and they are growing all the time. Our tours can take you to some of the driest places on earth where you can test your endurance, see what secrets they hold or simply get away from the big cities and admire the night’s sky. We have tours in parts of the Sahara, Namib and Atacama Deserts (the latter of which is home to places that have never recorded any rainfall) to see how people and wildlife thrive here. You can look forward to staying in traditional camps, relaxing in luxurious spas, riding camels, conquering peaks and embarking on four-wheeled drive adventures.


Monteverde Cloud Forest

It is said that we have only scratched the surface when it comes to discovering the secrets that our rainforests hold. Medicinal plants, exotic animal species and tribes that rarely come into contact with the modern world are all waiting to be unearthed. Tours include the chance to travel through the Sinharaja Forest Reserve in Sri Lanka, the Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica and, of course, the Amazon in parts of Brazil, Peru and Ecuador. The unique sights and sounds of these diverse and fascinating regions are sure to never leave you.



From the hot and humid rainforests to some of the coldest places on Earth. Our Arctic and Antarctic tours can take you to remote areas near both poles to see the unimaginable scenery that exists here. You’ll also have time to frolic with penguins, spot whales off the ship’s bow and go in search of the Arctic’s top predator, the polar bear. In fact, a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Antarctica would cover two of the environments on this list. Not only is it home to icefields, shelves and floes, it is also classified as a desert due to how dry it is. These Polar Regions will mesmerise you with awe-inspiring sights such as giant icebergs and the Northern Lights.


African Savannah

Savannas are widely spread across Africa and parts of South America and are a vital habitat for many animal species. Defined by the way the trees are sparsely populated so that they don’t form an interlocking canopy, savannas are threatened by anything from wildfires to invasive plants. In countries like Botswana, Kenya and South Africa, these environments can be seen on many of the safari tours we offer. You’ll also travel through areas of wetland, woodland, swamp and bush in search of the ‘Big Five’ and the spectacular birdlife the continent can offer.

Regardless of which type of environment you choose to explore, be it any of these or something more urban, we can ensure you enjoy a unique trip that’s full of discovery. Contact us today for more information.

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