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10 Romantic Experiences Worth Travelling For

The season of love is just around the corner and this can be the perfect time to whisk your loved one away on a last-minute break that really shows them what they mean to you. Whether you go all in for Valentine’s Day or you don’t particularly agree with a specific day in the calendar on which outrageous gestures are almost obliged, a weekend (or longer) away at this time of year could be just what you both need.

Whether something is romantic or not can depend on the person, but there are some things that are universally accepted to create butterflies in the stomach and make you go all gooey. Here are just a few fantastic experiences around the world that will create that loving feeling on your next couples holiday.

Fondue For Two With A View

Fondue Mountain

If you are both fans of food then sharing a delicious fondue is sure to bring a smile to your faces, wherever you are in the world. Throw in the breathtaking views offered by the mountainous terrain of Switzerland and Austria and you have the recipe for romance.

There are some fantastic spots to stare into each other’s eyes as you dip various foods into an oozing cauldron of cheese (can you tell this is making us hungry?) throughout the Alps. Plus, if you prefer the views to be constantly changing, you could try Zurich’s Fondue Tram, the fondue horse and cart in Lenk im Simmental or the fabulous ‘Fondue in a Cable Car’ in Grächen und St.Niklaus.

The Chance To Dance


Dance is often said to be the language of love and so learning some new steps together can be very romantic. The Argentine Tango is known for its fiery passion, bringing both dancers close together to perform sharp movements without taking their eyes off one another. This popular dance is woven into the fabric of life in Argentina and is an experience that shouldn’t be missed if you find yourself in this part of South America.

Elsewhere on the continent, you can choose to try a sizzling Samba in Brazil. With just as much passion as the Tango, the Samba focusses more on body shaking and fast footwork, but its sexy style is equally as romantic.

The Sight Of A Sunset

Sunset Angkor Wat

We don’t know what it is about the sight of the sun going down that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but it definitely does. The slowly dwindling light can make you see familiar landscapes in a completely different way, not to mention the beautiful colours that are typically on display in the sky.

The best part is that you can enjoy this romantic shared experience pretty much anywhere in the world – and it’s even better if it’s just the two of you. However, some of the best spots for watching the sunset include attractions like the Grand Canyon and Angkor Wat, along with remote islands like the Maldives and Seychelles.

Gaze In Awe Of The Aurora

Northern Lights Finland

The fact that Valentine’s Day coincides with one of the best times to see the Northern Lights is something that should definitely be taken advantage of. As the spring equinox approaches, the long, dark nights and diminishing clouds create the perfect conditions for catching a glimpse of nature’s light show.

Gazing up at the colours dancing across the sky is definitely a romantic experience and one that you can even do from the comfort of your own bed in some places. Norway, Iceland and Finland are all great destinations to choose if you want to chase the aurora, but make sure you find a remote spot where light pollution is at a minimum. This could also lead to the next romantic experience on our list.

Sleep Under The Stars


Camping may not be for everyone, but there’s no denying that huddling together for warmth under a star-scattered sky sounds romantic, at least in theory. And with modern glamping experiences available all around the world, there’s no reason why you have to brave the elements in order to enjoy a nostalgic night with your loved one.

If you don’t mind going back to basics, consider pitching a tent in Mount Cook National Park or sleeping in a Patagonian tree house. However, luxury options such as Sweden’s Treehotel and this extravagant camp on the edge of the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania can make the experience much more special.

Relax Like Royalty

Castello di Pavone

Britain’s history means that there are beautiful castles littered across the land, some of which actually allow you to stay the night. If you or your partner has ever dreamed of the fairytale life or living like royalty for a day, this is the chance to show them that it can be a reality.

The UK is not the only place where castle accommodation is offered, though, allowing you to combine this regal sleepover with a well-deserved break. Castello di Pavone in Torino is said to pass on luck, love and prosperity to all guests, whilst Salzburg’s Schloss Leopoldskron offers Sound of Music vibes.

Wade Into Waterfalls

Swimming Krka National Park

For nature lovers, there is nothing more inspiring than the sight of a raging waterfall. The gentle sound of the water, the often remote location and the torrential cascade can be very romantic – even more so if you have the chance to swim in the pool at the bottom.

Croatia, Thailand and Vietnam all offer beautiful waterfalls and the ideal climate if you want to take a dip. In particular, Krka National Park, Croatia and Erawan Waterfalls, Thailand offer fantastic walking opportunities and popular lagoons.

Whatever Floats Your Boat

Cherry Blossom Boat Ride

The most iconic boat ride in the world has to be a trip through the centre of Venice in a Gondola. However, rising prices and a general feeling that this is now too much of a cliché may leave some lovers looking for something different. Luckily, this Italian city is not the only place in the world where you can enjoy a romantic journey on the water.

The junk boats of Ha Long Bay are just as iconic as a Venetian gondola and can offer a more luxurious and extended experience. Or, you could choose to sail through one of Europe’s most charming cities on board a river cruise (Paris, Florence and Budapest are all excellent options). Finally, you could always opt to delay your Valentine’s break until the end of March in order to enjoy the stunning sights of cherry blossom blooming along Kyoto’s Lake Biwa Canal.

Let A Carriage Carry You

Horse and Cart Central Park

When it comes to romantic forms of travel, the combination of a horse and cart is certainly up there. The nostalgic sight and sound can transport you back to a bygone era and is much more exciting than a hop-on, hop-off bus when it comes to touring a city.

Vienna and New York are two cities that spring to mind straight away. Already endlessly romantic destinations, you can turn up the enchantment by wrapping up warm, climbing into a carriage adorned with fairy lights and letting your equine chauffeur show you the sights.

Hand-In-Hand On Secluded Sands

Romantic Couple On Beach

A day at the beach is a great couple’s activity, but things can get even more whimsical if you have the whole place to yourself. Your first thought may be that you would need to escape to a private island or a luxury resort in the Maldives for this to happen, but that isn’t always the case.

Secret and secluded beaches exist all over the world, providing a romantic spot where you can walk hand-in-hand along the shoreline without anyone else in sight. The Caribbean may be the best place to find these hidden gems, but there are some closer to home too. Spain’s Costa del Sol is usually buzzing with activity but, away from the crowds, Playa El Cañuelo offers something a lot quieter. Also, Turkey’s Kelebekler Vadisi (Butterfly Valley) can be accessed by taxi boat from Ölüdeniz and certainly lives us to its name.

If you would like to plan a romantic break for you and a loved one, the TravelQuest team can offer some great advice when it comes to choosing a destination. We have a fantastic range of couples holidays available so call us on 0800 021 3237 or drop by our travel agents in Woodbridge or Ipswich.

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