Kenya & Tanzania Adventure
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Excellent game viewing, spectacular scenery and exotic Zanzibar.
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  • All breakfasts
  • 9 lunches and 9 dinners
  • All accommodation (see below)
  • All transport and listed activities
  • Tour leader throughout
  • Flights from London (if booking incl. flights)

All breakfasts, 9 lunches and 9 dinners included All meals are included except lunch and dinner on Zanzibar; you should allow a further USD200 for these.

Day 1
Depart London.
Depart London.
Day 2
To Kembu Farm.
After the arrival of the group flights in the early morning, we travel west into the Great African Rift Valley to Kembu, stopping in Nakuru en route to do some shopping and look around this typical African town. We stay on a farm tonight and have an opportunity to do a farm walk this afternoon. Accommodation: Kembu Farm or similar
Day 3
Full day of game drives in Lake Nakuru N.P
This morning we drive to Lake Nakuru National Park where we enjoy a superb game drive. Although this is a small park it is home to an amazing variety of animals and birdlife. The park contains a soda lake, which is sometimes home to thousands of flamingos. We hope to see the endangered White and Black rhinos, lion and if we are very lucky the elusive leopard. There is a stunning view from baboon cliffs above the lake, and here we may see the small furry Rock hyrax, which is related to the elephant! Tonight we camp inside the park itself. Accommodation: Lake Nakuru Public Campsite or similar
Day 4
To Masai Mara; late afternoon game drive.
Today we travel into the Masai Mara, one of the most famous ecosystems in the world. This vast grassland is teeming with life; plains game including wildebeest, gazelle, topi, zebra and buffalo abound in the rolling savannah, and never far away lay the predators; cheetah, lion and hyena. Between mid-August to late October one of the greatest spectacles on Earth takes place in the Mara - the annual migration of thousands of wildebeest, gazelle and zebra trampling their way across the long grass. Nothing is guaranteed on safari, but with the help of our brilliant guides you should see and learn a huge amount about the Masai Mara's resident wildlife as we game drive through the park this afternoon. Stay in a campsite just outside the reserve for the next two nights. Accommodation: Mara Springs Camp or similar
Day 5
Full day of game drives in the Masai Mara.
A full day game drive in the Masai Mara to increase our chances of encountering many of the wildlife species found in the reserve. We find a quiet spot inside the park to enjoy lunch by our vehicle, looking out across the plains. There are also several optional excursions that you can enjoy today in addition to the game drive. Accommodation: Mara Springs Camp or similar
Day 6
To Lake Victoria.
Our long drive today is up through the Western highlands and allows plenty of time to appreciate the superb scenery. The road begins to descend and we leave behind the neatly ordered rows of tea bushes as we cross the border into Tanzania at Isebania. We camp in a pleasant spot at Musoma on the shore of Lake Victoria. Accommodation: Tembo Beach or similar
Day 7
Game drive through the Serengeti plains; camp in park.
We turn east and enter the vast Serengeti Plain, one of the largest parks in Africa. There is a choice of routes into the Serengeti, depending on the weather: if it is dry, the 130km of the Western Corridor, usually well stocked with all the plains game, is open. If it is wet, however, this road, which is built on black cotton soil, turns to glue, and we have to enter the park from the north, at Ikoma gate. We spend two nights in the park so we will have plenty of time to enjoy the vast open spaces and the variety of game. We camp at Seronera where there are various camping areas, all of them in open bush, with no fences to prevent the animals from visiting during the night. We'll get a real taste of wild Africa! Accommodation: Serengeti Public Campsite or similar
Day 8
Morning and evening game drives in Serengeti N.P.; camp in park.
Morning and evening game drives in Serengeti N.P.; camp in park.
Day 9
Morning game drive; to Ngorongoro Crater.
We leave early and it is often possible to watch elephants and other animals browsing close to the campsite. The morning is spent game driving in the eastern part of the park, where it is unusual not to spot a pride of lions, in their favourite place - under a big, shady tree. After crossing the vast grasslands we come to the Ngorongoro entry gate at Naabi Hill. The truck bumps its way up towards the edge of the Ngorongoro Crater, the wide-open plains below stretching as far as the eye can see. Finally reaching the top, the Ngorongoro Crater opens up in front of us, a huge, natural amphitheatre, one of the great sights of Africa. Ngorongoro is a caldera, a collapsed volcano between 16 and 19 km across and with steep walls up to 600m high. It acts like a natural zoo, and over 100,000 animals co-exist here with a population of Masai herdsmen and their cattle. Our campsite here is very basic indeed and can be very cold at night so please come prepared. Accommodation: Ngorongoro Ngiri Campsite or similar
Day 10
Explore the Ngorongoro Crater; drive along the edge of the Rift Valley to Arusha.
We descend to the crater floor in 4WD vehicles and spend the morning watching large numbers of plains game, and the ever-present predators around them. We'll search for hippos in the murky pools, and try to protect our food at lunchtime from the fearless Brown kites, as they swoop and snatch anything that appears to be edible; please take care. After a fantastic morning we continue our journey through beautiful country to the edge of the Rift Valley, where there is a great view over Lake Manyara (often tinted pink around the edges from large numbers of flamingos) and on to Arusha. Accommodation: Meserani Snake Park or similar
Day 11
Flight to Zanzibar; afternoon explore Stone Town.
Today we say goodbye to the truck. We take a morning flight over to the island of Zanzibar, 35km from the mainland. First visited by Arab traders in the 8th century, and countless travellers in the following centuries, the island is most famous for its spices, and infamous for being the centre of the East African slave trade. We spend our first night in Stone Town and then three nights by the beach. Stone Town is a myriad of small alleys and markets. We recommend a spice tour, around the island's plantations, with chances to taste and buy. Accommodation: Shangani Hotel or similar
Day 12
Morning in Stone Town; afternoon to Nungwi.
After a free morning in Stone Town we transfer to our hotel by the beach. There is plenty to occupy your days here. You can visit Prison Island, where difficult slaves were kept and relax on the eastern and northern beaches, with excellent snorkelling, sailing in a dhow and plenty of fresh seafood. The local buses are efficient and enable you to travel all over the island, although hiring a jeep for a day or two is a more exciting way of getting about and not expensive. It's a fascinating mixture of culture, history and wonderful beaches. Accommodation: Amaan Bungalows or similar
Day 13
The first of two free days for optional activities and to enjoy Zanzibar's beaches.
The first of two free days for optional activities and to enjoy Zanzibar's beaches. Accommodation: Amaan Bungalows or similar
Day 14
Continue enjoying Zanzibar's beaches.
Continue enjoying Zanzibar's beaches. Accommodation: Amaan Bungalows or similar
Day 15
Depart Zanzibar.
Depart Zanzibar.
Day 16
Arrive London.
Arrive London.
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